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What is Testimonio?

Testimonio is a tool to help you easily display and understand customer sentiment for your brand.

Listening to what people are saying about your brand.. positive or negative

Gathering testimonials with Google Places, App Store, Google Play, E-Mail, or SMS.

Having complete control over how your testimonials are displayed on your website!

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Is it easy to set-up?

Yes it is! In fact, it takes less than 30 seconds to get started, and just a couple minutes to install to your website.

Is it relatively inexpensive?

It definitely is! When compared against user-generated content businesses that cost thousands more, it's a no-brainer.

Why Testimonio?

We keep it authentic with our clients and their customers. We help our clients gather & display organic reviews from real people. This means every testimonial you collect here is completely genuine. Stop guessing and listen to what your customers are saying. Put Testimonio to the test, get started 100% free. It's on us.

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